Choosing Meeting Room Booking Systems – Basic Features

Knowing the best criteria for choosing meeting room booking systems places your company ahead of competitors.

There are several hindrances with meeting rooms in the current business world. They are scarce, poorly utilized, or ever occupied when you need those most.

Did you know that in your company some meetings are booked but never attended? Now you do. That is why having an organized system to book your meetings is key to full office functionality.

If you use meeting room booking systems, you can easily know which rooms are booked and if the meetings are happening.

Features To Look For When Choosing Meeting Room Booking Systems

Is It Suitable for Your Company?

When choosing a room booking software, you first want to know if it is suitable for your company. For example, you want a method that aligns with your company goals and will lead you towards their achievement.

High Usability Functions

You also want something with high usability functions. How easy is it to incorporate into your company? You want to know how long your employees will take to get familiar with the software. By using meeting room booking systems, you aim to save time. Therefore, it beats logic if you pick something that will take even longer to adjust to.

Suitable for Your Company Structure

Also, you want to picture the structure of your company. Does it have enough meeting spaces? Are the areas well used at the moment? This makes planning easy, as you will know which rooms to add to the software and which ones to leave out.

Average Numbers of Meetings

You also want to know the average number of meetings your office has. This should include daily, weekly and monthly statistics. Additionally, you want to know how long they last and which days have longer meetings.

Is Mobile App Available?

You will also need to know if the software you pick is compatible with a mobile App for maximum efficiency. This makes coordination easier, as you can operate it remotely when the need arises. You don’t have to keep carrying your computer with you.


What other basic features would you look for when choosing meeting room booking systems for your company? Please share with us.